Hot Water Repairs

Hot Water Repairs
When the hot water system breaks down at the most unexpected time, and you need effective, fast, and professional help to make it up and running again.Southern Hot Water & Plumbing Specialists has an experienced, licensed, and insured team to get to you right away. Our company is always ready to help no matter how minor or major your hot water system troubles are.

Signs That You Need for Water Repairs

There are a lot of reasons why daily households may be in need of our services, and the following are some of the common concerns that most households complain of:

  • Hissing sound of water tank;
  • Noise at my hot water tank;
  • Water trickling from hot water;
  • Water is not coming out;
  • Smell of as from my water tank;

If any of these problems present themselves, then it is advisable to book in one of our licensed plumbers to have your hot water service repaired. Our trusted team here at Southern Hot Water & Plumbing Specialistswill get your hot water back on its running condition and will help avoid any future problems, and so, we bring you more:

Guaranteed Professional Fixes All the Time

We all use water heaters as part of our daily activity and this includes things like showering and washing up.  Since we use them so often, it’s important that we know that we invest in tank maintenance on an everyday basis in our homes. It is not uncommon for water heaters to wear out or breakdown and monitoring this is often a vital task.

Putting Your Safety Above All Else

Water heater repair is essential for safety – there are safety features of the tank that ought to be tested a minimum of once a year. For instance, it’s important to check the escape valve of your storage tank to stop anyone from being scalded or burned. The typical lifetime of a tank ranges from eight to 12 years, but what if we told you that you just could preserve the lifetime of your system by doing routine maintenance?

Your One-Stop Shop for Hot Water Repairs

Calcium build-up is extremely common in water heaters, and may be a serious contributor to creating your system less efficient. The build-up of loose minerals settles on the underside of your tank, making it harder for the water heater to provide waterIn a gas storage tank, these minerals can create hot spots that cause tank damage and failure. In an electrical tank, these minerals can cause the lower constituent to fail. Worry not, because Southern Hot Water & Plumbing Specialists is here to help you out!