About Us

About Southern Hot Water

At Southern Hot Water & Plumbing Specialists, we specialise in comprehensive hot water services in the Southern Region area and provide hot water system installation across Australia.

We are a company that offers nothing but quality hot water heater installation services and materials, as well as a range of solutions for both commercial and home needs.

Whether it is your residential or commercial hot water system that needs installation, replacement, or repair service, our company can take care of all your hot water demands in one go!

  • Wide Array of Premium Hot Water Systems

Our company brings our clients with the full range of premium hot water systems and solutions from known manufacturers at reasonable prices. Be it from gas, solar, electric and chilled water systems, to electric hot water systems, you are sure to have a new hot water unit installed to fit your everyday needs. 

  • Expert Advice in Choosing the Right Hot Water System

Our company knows that it can be  quite hard to decide on what hot water system is ideal for you with so many options to select from, and for that reason, our hot water services feature customisable options from our experts. Thus, regardless if you’re worried about lessening energy consumption or you are in need of a new hot water system, our team of professional plumbers can lead you to the right path.

  • Fast and Reliable Hot Water System Maintenance

If you’re having problems with your hot water problem, such as water leakage, low hot water, surge in gas, electricity or water bills, then Southern Hot Water & Plumbing Specialists can help you replace, repair or service your system to help you better the performance, efficiency, and safety of your water system.

Know More of Our Amazing Services and Solutions for Your Hot Water Needs

Here at Southern Hot Water & Plumbing Specialist, we will make sure to give you what your specifications are, regardless if they are unique, simple or too complicated. Having us as your service contractor guarantees you that all your hot water installation and plumbing requirements are in check. 

Your water heater serves as one of the most crucial components in your home. When it does not function, you need help right away. At Southern Hot Water & Plumbing Specialist, we have 24-hour water heater repair, installation, replacement and other solutions. 

Our wide range of quality products and expertise will guarantee that you can enjoy and have peace of mind knowing that your hot water system is in the right hands for better performance and maximised use. Call us now to arrange a free quote!